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Our sister company Czech Wooden Toys was established in Prague, Czech republic and in the U.K. in 1994 to produce and trade in Czech wooden toys and other wooden products. Now in Prague we are a wooden toys wholesaler and distributer to the UK, EU, USA & Canada and some other countries. All wooden toys and wooden gifts are made in the Czech Republic and are certified safe. They are Fairtrade and organic (ethical toys).

The wooden products are made from quality wood from Czech and Slovak sustained forests supporting forestry that uses the certification PE FC/Fes (plant and cut: avoiding cutting down trees without planting). We make use of the wood waste as a fuel for the production facilities and for nearby households; these are checked to try and save more energy and avoid CO2 emissions.

Everyone receives 5% discount off their first order of wooden toys and a free toy and 2 bookmarks are included in every order. If you want to order wooden toys go to and add the discount code: xrntos when filling in your details at the end.

When you order and combine bookmarks and or the childrens gifts on this web site with orders of wooden toys from you will receive 10% discount. Please contact us or send the orders through by e-mail, fax, phone or through the web sites and we will issue the appropriate invoices.

Please contact us or Hamish Mahoney at if you have any questions at all.

We hope that you and your customers will enjoy our products and thank you for your business.

We try our best to grow from creativity and abilities in developing and delivering unique innovative quality products and services.

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