Cartoon Animals 3D Bookmarks

This is a best selling range of innovative and unique 3D bookmarks. They are top quality bookmarks and we are proud that they are made in Europe.
They have nice bright colours and there is a joke and humour in the changing 3D graphics.
A free full colour fun display has 9 pockets that can contain a maximum of 10 bookmarks in each (a total of 90 barcoded bookmarks). Smaller orders are accepted.

1.00 | $ 1.25 | £ 0.80 each.

U.K. RRP: GBP £ 1.99-2.99.

3DA1 Rooster 3DA2 Chameleon
3DA3 Bulldog 3DA4 Sheep
3DA3 Dragon 3dA4 Mouse
3DA13 Giraffe 3DA20 TBA
3DA5 Shark 3DA6 Polar Bear
3DA7 Cat 3DA8 Bear
3DA9 Horse 3DAD Display

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